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Wordless Wednesday - November 28, 2012

Lacinato Kale

ToreniaThe above terra cotta container has been put away for the winter and the beautiful torenia is now a plant of the past. I took this picture on August 6th which was the day I planted a few late crops in the vegetable garden. Planted on August 6thA rabbit feasted on the swiss chard and the beets but the lacinato kale and the wasabi lettuce were left alone and I have been harvesting them for the past month. August is a tired month. If it has been a dry season, the garden can look tired and the gardener is certainly tired but it does pay to sow seeds and keep them watered and weeded so that the bleak month of November has a few more charms. KaleI have not grown lacinato kale before but in addition to being quite nutritious it is a beautiful plant. The foliage is crenelated and such a dark green it almost looks blue. Lacinato KaleIt shrugs off a heavy frost and stands sturdily through hurricanes and snow storms. Well, light snow anyway.  Frost on the kaleI have been adding it to soups and stews as well as shirred eggs. Kale has experienced a rise in popularity of late. It is easy to grow and extends the harvesting season well into late fall. I may even put a row cover over it so I can pick greens in December.  It is available at many farmer's markets due to its resilient nature but supermarkets are also carrying this Italian favorite. I will plant it again and would even consider adding it to a container for texture and color. Have you grown this leafy vegetable? If not, you might consider giving it a place in your garden.