Wordless Wednesday - November 14, 2012
Hydrangea quercifolia - Purpleicious

Bloom Day - November 15, 2012 - One Day Late

Christmas cactusI know I will be forgiven for not posting exactly on Bloom Day. I have the best excuse. It was Mom's Birthday which many of you many know since I did mention it on Facebook. Mom is 89 this year. She still golfs and she golfs well but that is only one of her talents. IMG_0584I will not embarrass her by listing them all here but she is one of the best blooms in my life and my five siblings and her eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren will most certainly agree with that. PhloxAs for the garden, indoors the Christmas cactus is blooming. Outdoors, the pickings are slim. I found one lone, leftover phlox bloom which is not impressive but for the 18 F temperature it survived. DandelionI also found a dandelion in the lawn. Lucky me. I could have greens for dinner. HA! Thanks to Carol of May Dreams for hosting Bloom Day. At least I can visit some gardens which do have blooms this time of year.