Candles in the Wind
Wordless Wednesday - June 13, 2012

In the Garden - June 11, 2012

Angelica gigasA perennial border is all about change. One needs to count on texture and foliage color when planning a border and while foliage color does evolve in some cases, texture stays the same and the flowers of plants come and go. That is the fun of planning a perennial border. Mine is certainly never perfect. Never. It is constant, this striving for perfection which may exist only in my mind. No matter. Each day brings something different. Nectaroscordum siculum ssp bulgaricumToday I noticed that the allium now named Nectaroscordum has changed its appearance. In flower, the blooms are clusters of mauve and white florets with a light green stripe. They emerge erect and unfolding as they mature, they hang like bells. Once the flowers pass, the seed heads form and point straight up into the air once again giving the appearance of a flower. It is yet another bulb with a very difficult name.  Nectoscordum b.I added these bulbs to the border last fall and I am enjoying them immensely along with the 'Candles in the Wind' from the previous post. I am going to add more to the border and in anticipation of this addition, I am placing brightly colored golf tees in the ground in the border where these bulbs will be planted. It is always hit or miss when I leave this task to chance and just add them in the fall. This year the planting turned out quite well but next year I hope for an even better show. How do you decide where to put bulbs in your garden so they show to their best advantage?  Have you grown this one? I am wondering how long the show will last. Much of gardening is the fun of waiting, watching and learning.