The Blue Eyed Tulip - Tulipa humilis 'Alba Coerulea Oculata'
'Yard Crashers' at Ledge and Gardens

April Showers

EuphorbiaApril showers have been scarce this year. So scarce that some emerging foliage has brown tips and flowering shrubs have dropped their blooms prematurely. DSC_0028The rain came on Sunday much to the relief of this gardener and the garden. DSC_0034Last year, the garden looked like this on April 26th. Today, it is much fuller and the daffodils in the river of daffs are well past bloom. DSC_0036Every year has its own gardening challenges and this year proves to be no exception. I would have liked to move many plants around prior to this but given the dry conditions, I would not have done it even if I were physically able. I am trying to be content sitting on this bench and making lists. It is not nearly as rewarding as edging, dividing and spreading compost but there are pretty blossoms above.DSC_0019The Carolina silver bell is starting to bloom and with moisture and cooler temperatures in the forecast, the blooms should give a very good show. Are your blooms ahead or behind schedule in your garden this season?