Wordless Wednesday - October 20, 2010
Dancing around a hard frost...

Three for Thursday - Maple color

DSC_0043 This week, I have noticed that the maples are all wearing glorious colors in the garden.  The swamp maples lead the parade in my garden...  well, these are not actually in the garden but on the edge of the back field.  Close enough.  I have planted some Japanese maples here. They come in a variety of size, shape, texture, and leaf color and they all do add great fall color to the garden.  One of these, Acer japonicum f. aconitifolium is just beginning to change its robes.   I find that the Japanese maples all change a bit later than the native swamp and sugar maples.   IMG_0129 The sugar maples pretty much define the New England fall. Sad to say that there are none here but many around the neighborhood.  DSC_0003
Shallow rooted and difficult to grow anything, even grass, underneath, they pay their rent with heavy summer shade and a spectacular show of warm oranges and reds. There you have three different maples brightening the landscape.  Thanks to Cindy of My Corner of Katy for hosting the Three for Thursday adventures.