Morning walk

October tomatoes

It has been quite a few years since I picked tomatoes in October.  Last year there were very few fruit on the vines which succumbed to late blight.  This year, in spite of planting early, mid season, and late tomatoes, all the vines started to produce in the middle of July.  DSC_0053 'Early Wonder' was not early.  It was productive though as were all of the other tomatoes which I grew.  The only tomato I did not grow from seed was the cherry variety 'Sungold' which is most delicious.  One of my favorites is 'Mortgage Lifter' which is the biggest tomato in this basket.  'Brandy Boy' was also large in size. DSC_0020 I did post a tomato tasting here.  The last of the tomatoes were picked yesterday.  DSC_0109
It has been raining for a couple of days and prior to the rain there was a great deal of wind which caused the overburdened tomato cages to collapse.  DSC_0102
It is over.  It is time to plant winter rye in the tomato patch.  Last night's tomatoes were especially tasty.  No store bought tomato equals the flavor of the home grown.  There are many ways to serve tomatoes.  Sliced, sliced and paired with mozzarella and basil, or, Hailey's favorite way.  DSC_0019
Warm from the sun and eaten like an apple.  What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes?