Marbled Orb Weaver
Wordless Wednesday

Garden visitors

DSC_0009 I find it a true honor to be visited by another garden blogger.  Even though....the garden is a fall garden with little blooming.  My eyes seem to have grown weary of it with its declining foliage and flowers.  I don't think I could live in a place without the change of seasons.  I look forward to the changes and to the change in garden duties. I digress.  I always want to know from a visitor what is different from their expectations.   DSC_0023
Garden bloggers and gardeners are a friendly, kind group so I know that they would never be discouraging.  At least the ones I know who are not into gardening as a competitive sport.  Robin, of Bumblebee blog fame, came to visit over the weekend on her way back to her home in Maryland from a business trip to New York.  I met Robin in Chicago at the Chicago Fling and we had wonderful conversations which were carried on in Buffalo this year.  Robin arrived on Friday afternoon and was greeted first by the pups.  Since Robin loves dogs, this was a good beginning and each pup received a present and a box of cookies.  DSC_0030
I should mention here that she was missing her own two mini dogs, Sophie and Sarah.  Tucker and  Cooper were quite happy to try and make her feel welcome.   After initial introductions to the EM we took a spin around the garden, wine glasses in hand and dogs by our sides.  It was a beautiful, golden afternoon. DSC_0079
  I am not sure we spoke about the garden more than in passing.  We just had too much to catch up on.  What books are you reading?  How was the drive?  How is the family, dogs, chickens?  It didn't matter what the garden looked like.  It was enough to be in it with a fellow garden lover just enjoying the incandescent afternoon and each others' company.  I did ask her how the reality of the garden differed from her impression through this blog.  She said 'It is much bigger'.  Maybe it is time to get out the video camera.  Anyway, the time spent was not enough.  There are conversations yet to be had.  I am looking forward to our next visit and that is as it should be.  Garden bloggers are welcome here.