Wordless Wednesday - August 18, 2010
Three for Thursday

When friends come to visit....in August.

August is not the peak bloom for these gardens and with little rain in the past month, the only thing to look forward to are garden vegetables DSC_0020
and visits from friends even though apologies are profuse given the wilting and parched foliage in the gardens.  Gardeners do understand though.  Kris, here pictured in Buffalo admiring the hydrangea which is dressed to match her outfit,  IMG_2310

from A Trench Manicure blog and Blithewold blog came all the way from Bristol, RI and, bonus, she brought her Mom, Patricia.  Now, I know that you know that Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union and it takes less than two hours to drive north/south or east/west from one end of the state or side of the state to another.  What you may not realize is that Rhode Islanders rarely leave a ten mile radius from their homes without packing a lunch and planning multiple bathroom stops.  I am not sure if this anomaly happens in other states but here, it is just the way it is.  Kris and I are both exceptions to this rule, of course since we both made it to Buffalo and that is quite a jaunt. IMG_2171 Elizabeth's pink hydrangea

As an Interpretive Horticulturist at Blithewold, Kris rarely gets away from the gardens which she tends and bends with her talented, artistic eye and lots of physically hard work but she had vacation days and took one to come visit.  She also brought some treasures from her own garden. DSC_0002

Is there a more thoughtful gift?  I do love a bouquet and this one includes silver eleagnus, penstemon seed heads and other choices from her garden.   It was such a pleasure to show her and her Mom around although I had to extract a promise from her to come back when the gardens are less stressed.  I couldn't even use the line "If you had only been here last week" since all of August has been a challenge.  That is the way of gardening though and gardeners stick together.  There is little explaining to do to someone who, all too well, understands that Mother Nature has her own plan.  This August it is time to take pleasure in the smaller views and the company of friends.  DSC_0030
  There is no better way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon.