Wordless Wednesday - January 20, 2010
January Freeze

January thaw

DSC_0073 The January thaw lasted one full day with torrential rain, wind, and temperatures in the fifties.  The garden was snow covered until Monday.  Now it has just one patch of snow and the rest has receded.  I am not fooled by this or by the recent warm temperatures.  The thaw can lull one into thinking that spring is upon us but really, we are just one month into winter and February is the longest month of the year even though it has the shortest of days.  The ground thawed just enough in the drive and on the road to create four inch ruts but the lawn areas have already frozen hard once again.  The snowdrops did heave themselves up in search of spring but they are sitting in suspension for another couple of weeks at least.  DSC_0075
Still, they are a very welcome sight. DSC_0079
This hellebore bloomed in early December and has spent a good month under snow and ice.  It is bearing the battle scars to prove it but there are also still buds on the stems.  Time will tell if they are sturdy enough to survive the month of burial.  DSC_0096
The rest of the garden looks bare and it is hard to believe that in six months it will be transformed.  I have a picture to prove it.  DSC_0058 This will help me get through February.  What helps you through the cold days of winter?