Wordless Wednesday - June 10, 2009

The roses are coming

'Pat Austin' rose
June is the month of roses and if the sun ever comes out again, they will dry off their resplendent petticoats and join the party.  In spite of the rain, David Austin's apricot 'Pat Austin' rose is blooming.  I love the flowers but this shrub rose is just not very vigorous here in my garden.  I am using liquid fish fertilizer in the hope of increasing the overall vigor of this shrub rose.  It does have quite a few blooms on it right now.DSC_0048 The sawfly larvae, little green wormlike critters, have had their way with the foliage on this rose.  I can't seem to spray them enough (NEEM) and, from a distance, they don't look too bad so I will put up with a bit of damage over a strong chemical.   I am thinking I need to cut them for a bouquet as the rain is making them drippy and droopy.  Not the best look for a rose.
Dsc_0074 (2) Rosa glauca
Next, blooming in the garden is the always beautiful Rosa glauca.  This rose needs no blooms to be beautiful as the foliage can stand alone. DSC_0066 It is burgundy with a blue blush and when it does flower the single pink blossoms dance above the crowd.
Rosa cv. 'Complicata'
This Gallica rose not only looks good but it smells divine.  This is planted in the entry garden at Tower Hill Botanical Garden which is a Zone 5 location on the top of a hill overlooking the Wachusett Reservoir.  It is hardy and the Gallica roses are among some of the most hardy roses with a range of zone 4-8a.  I am not sure why I don't have one of these shrub roses.  It takes up quite a bit of room in this garden but the form and texture are nice.  I will have to head back to Tower Hill to take a picture of the hips.  June is the time of year which reminds me to add more roses to the garden.