English Weather

This past week's weather has well prepared me for the trip I am taking to Cornwall, England.  It has been misty and wet with no end in sight.  Even Tucker looks a bit discouraged and the peonies have not seen dry days in quite a while.  They have spent their life, this year, wet and bedraggled which does encourage one to cut them and bring them inside to enjoy.  I have put a bouquet on the table and enjoy their heady fragrance when I come inside from some outside task or work.  Dsc_0120 (2)
An English garden tour has long been on the agenda and I can't wait to share the pictures with all of you.  It is a difficult time to leave the garden as there is much left undone but peak week in a New England Garden, at least my garden, is the first week in July and given all the gray June weather we have had plus the rain, I should return to a changed environment.  I will post a couple of times during my absence so please leave a comment.  Comments are so appreciated.