They're coming!
Morning walk!

Garden Center treasures!


I thought I would share some of the flowering plants in the Garden Centers I visited last week.  Who can't use a bit of color this time  of year?  This picture has quite a few leftover poinsettias but the block of white in the middle of the picture is Dsc_0018 Phaelenopsis orchids which were quite stunning. These are pretty easy to grow and I have one budding up right now although it is a miniature.  I hope it doesn't dry out too much while I am away!  Here is anotherDsc_0015 in a pretty orchid color and then there are the amaryllis bulbs Dsc_0022 in full bloom.  They are lush and hard toDsc_0028 resist photographing. A few other orchidsDsc_0017 were also blooming. One last little cyclamenDsc_0027 with fabulous foliage!  I wish these were all in bloom in my living room but I will have to be content with the photos and memories! I'll be posting beach pictures in the next few days!  Come back and visit!