Buff, brown and shades in between!

Fern Leaf Maple!

High 38.8 F
Low  23.2 F

Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

One small tree is still glowing brightly in my yard  which is quite a welcome sight with the gray days of November in full tempo.  This Japanese Fern Leaf Maple was a gift from a fellow gardener and it is now about six feet tall.  When I received it, it was a three inch seedling but even at that small size it had the most beautiful  leaves with each little segment looking just like a fern.  The Japanese maple species, Acer japonicum, have the wonderful feature of spectacular fall color.  There are many cultivars available within this species. Dsc_0066 One of the cultivars, Acer j. 'Maiku jaku' has the fanciful common name of Dancing Peacock.  Who wouldn't want one of these!   I did see the parent of this seedling in full color in  my friend's garden.  The tree was about twenty feet tall and wide and breathtakingly beautiful in its' fall robes.  The garden is, in part, a collection of memories of those friends who have shared the bounty of their gardens with me. Every time I pause in front of this tree I am thankful for the generosity of spirit and substance of fellow plant lovers.Dsc_0067