Fall color in the neighborhood!
Houseplant mania!

Seasonal displays!

High 80 F
Low  54 F


We are back with summer like temperatures today.  I hear that you cannot call it Indian Summer until after the first hard frost.  We have had a very light frost but the basil is still edible  and while the annuals are looking shaggy, the grass is still growing!  Last week in my travels I visited Cataldo Garden Center in Littleton, MA.  It is a full service garden center  and gift shop with a great variety of products.  Dsc_0019 I couldn't resist a couple of half price snapdragons and some white anemones.  I did enjoy their October display.The display is pretty organic as you can see from these pictures.  The mums are in full bloom and the pumpkins are aligned in a beckoning manner.  The scarecrow brings a smile to most faces.  Dsc_0021 Who doesn't love a scarecrow...except the crows!  Dsc_0020 In driving today I was struck by the many houses which are decorated extensively with goblins, ghosts, witches and that white cobwebby stuff.  Lots of houses and some even have the huge blowup items which require a fan to keep them inflated.  I wonder who has time for this not to mention the $$$ that could be spent on plants.  Well, we all have our addictions but most of that stuff will just end up in the landfill won't it? Dsc_0022 I like the above decorations the best.  You can either eat them or compost them.  What do all of you do to decorate for the seasons?