Seasonal displays!
Backyard visitors!

Houseplant mania!

This past weekend I worked on re-potting, dividing, and potting up some cuttings taken from summer annuals and houseplants.

Dsc_0005Table 1

  Now what do I do?  I have all these houseplants and not enough room in the house! Dsc_0006
Table 2 with the Job Foreman once again looking bored!
I guess it is time to share!  It is no lie that my house is much smaller than my garden.  That is okay with me but the greenhouse space, which should be big enough to house many of these plants, Dsc_0007
Table 3
is the office which makes for a very nice work space but leaves little room for flora.   I am going to try to cram some in the house this weekend.   Many of these are houseplants which have spent the summer outside on the patio.  There are quite a few begonias of various types, some streptocarpus which needed dividing, a couple of scented geraniums which I took cuttings from a month or so ago along with coleus and salvia.  I do enjoy the indoor garden and will probably detail some of these as they start to thrive inside.  If they don't thrive you won't see them again and they will hit the compost pile!  Is anyone else bringing the houseplants in for the winter?