Bulb Planting commences!
Fall color in the neighborhood!

Fall Foliage, seven sons and a spider!

High 75 F
Low  60 F

Fall scene in the back yard!
After one light frost we are back in the warmth.  Today the morning temperature was decidedly balmy!  This is the shot of the foliage in the back yard.  I have one swamp maple, aka red maple, Acer rubrum, which always provides a good deal of color in the back yard. Here are two pictures with different focal points.Dsc_0004   It is interesting to see the camera perspective as it focuses first on the red maple and then on the Acer shiraswanum aureum or Golden Full Moon Maple which has not yet started to turn color. The foliage of the Full moon maple is beautiful all season.Dsc_0005 Forgive the lawn, I currently have a totally organic approach to it.  It can live or it can die and it usually lives with a bit of ajuga in the mix! 

The bracts on the Heptacodium miconioides. Seven Sons Flower,  are coloring up.  This tree, as mentioned in a previous post, has four season interest with beautiful bark,Dsc_0003 lovely white flowers and then this color surprise.  I don't have a great picture of the bark yet although it is starting to exfoliate as it reaches greater maturity.

The next picture may give you the shivers if you do not like spiders!  Be forewarned! Dsc_0007 I found this web last week and today I just happened to walk byDsc_0011 and saw the creator!  I wondered where she was!  The web must have sustained some damage in the past week.  I am sorry that she is a bit blurry (Click to enlarge)  but she was spinning and while I would like you to think she was really fast, hence the blur, that was not it!  You can clearly see the web as it emerges from her rather rotund little bottom.    Here she is again with brilliant markings. Hillary_spider_ii_2 She seemed to notice my camera and she scurried for cover.  Dsc_0013 She is hiding in the crabapple leaf.  It is a time for spiders isn't it!  Do any of you know what kind this one is?  Do the females spin the webs or the males?  I will have to look this up but maybe one of you can enlighten me!