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Sunday's reflections

High 76 F
Low  56 F

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This past week I stopped in to visit Kris at Blithewold.  She was out and about with the hose as it has been very dry.  I didn't see or speak with her but the work she and Gail and the rest of the Blithewold crew have done this summer is beautifully evident.  Here are just a few pictures of the colorful and interesting gardens at Blithewold. Looking at the gardens through the bamboo jungle is a treat.Dsc_0008   It is so cool walking along this path with the bamboo on each side and then the brightness up ahead pulls you forward into the gardens.  The new garden art adds a punctuation point to the garden don't you think?Dsc_0043
There are some  unusual annuals here in the gardenDsc_0022
Ipomopsis rubra, Standing cypress

along with perennials that you don't see every day.  This shot looks out toward the garden along the stone patio. Dsc_0013 I love this surface material.  It is soft and hard at the same time and the trough gardens add an element of further interest.  There is a mottled pitcher plant hereDsc_0014
along  with this beautiful lotus blossomDsc_0018
that Kris posted a picture of on Friday. Dsc_0045
This last picture is of the Viburnum opulus, European cranberry bush, which is living up to its' fruity name.  The grounds at Blithewold are lovingly tended, well kept and beautiful and strolling along the many paths one can almost imagine living in this enchanted place in the summer when life seems to take  pause and one just enjoys the moments as they arrive.