Late season veggies!
Conifer Garden!


High 75 F
Low 58.5 F

Malus floribunda

The crabapples are fruiting in spite of dryness which continues here in the northeast part of the country.  Since we have not had a frost, I am going to have to water some of the outside containers tomorrow morning.  I know they will last just a short time more but I can't bear to see them limp and desperately looking for a drink!  The butterflies are still quite active and,Dsc_0014 in addition to the crabapple, the Cornus kousa has its' berries and they are standing upright above the foliage like a cherry tootsie pop.Dsc_0010
Cornus kousa

Another tree which is blooming is the Seven Sons Flower or Heptacodium  miconioides. Dsc_0008
These lovely white flowers are fragrant and in another week or two the calyces or sepals will turn a beautiful shade of red adding further interest and giving the appearance of a second bloom.  This small tree is as valuable for its' exfoliating bark which provides four season interest in addition to the blooms. This tree grows 10 to 20 feet high and is adaptable to zones 5 through 8.

The garden is looking as weary as the gardener is feeling and the dryness and end of season die back are difficult incentives to working in the garden but the bulbs and, hopefully, the rain are on their way and there are the asters Dsc_0004 which continue to provide a cheery bit of color as the season winds down.    There are so many chores to attend to but, for now, I am taking a bit of a gardening break, at least for this past weekend.