Re-visiting Mom's garden!
Bloom Day-August '07!

August in the neighbor's garden.

High 84 F
Low 61.9 F

The view from Brenda's chair
I visited the neighbor's garden again today.  I last posted about their extraordinary garden on June 28th. While some gardens suffer in the August heat and the gardener tires of the maintenance jobs which never end, this garden still looks fresh and inviting.  A haven and a sanctuary and it is right across the street!   The annual plantings have filled out as have the perennials and there is an abundance of color everywhere with no weeds in sight.  I am going to have to weed a bit more often as my standards seem to have slipped! Here is a picture of the tool shed
and the well head. Dsc_0038 These stand as  sentinels welcoming all to the garden.  This walkway Dsc_0039  heads down the hill for this view of the slope garden. Dsc_0045
I honestly did not see one weed!  They have a grounds crew of two. Here is a view looking the other direction at the bottom of the hill.Dsc_0044
There are many birdhouses throughout the garden which have been crafted by Brenda's Dad.  All are unique.  One is a replica of the house and another is a copy of a covered bridge in town. They add to the charm and personalization of the garden.  This is one of my favorite gardens of this year. Dsc_0048 It is the heart garden in almost full glory!  The morning glory in the center is not yet blooming but when it does, it will be spectacular!  Tucked around the back of the main garden is the white garden and while I did take a picture of it in June, the last time I failed to see the 'Old Man' looking right at me.  Dsc_0052 Can you see him?    I did check the previous post and he was there all along!  There are many other pictures to post but I think I will save a few views of this garden for a future post.  Too much eye candy is hazardous to one's health!