Wet and Wild!
Vivacious vegetables!

A day at the botanical garden

High 72 F
Low 58.3

Through the acacia tree overlooking the secret garden

Today I attended an industry (Lawn & Garden) related trade show which was held at Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston, MA.  I have written a post about this garden in the past but at this time of year it is a gardener's paradise.  It rained intermittently today which made for nice color pictures. The entry garden which brings you up toward the visitor's center is circular and has some wonderful, unusual  plants.


This is a Prunus persica 'Bonfire' which is an ornamental peach tree.  The texture and color are unique and who wouldn't want one in their garden?  The orange plant in the container is a bromiliad.  Here is another view of the peachDsc_0221 with a well chosen daylily in the background. The placement of the blue spruce in the first picture and the matching daylilies in the above picture are just an example of the color planning which goes on here. The grounds are full of wonderful daylilies and they are at peak bloom right now.Dsc_0279 This one is called 'Malmaison Plum'.

There are interesting planters everywhere on the property and this one flanks the walk in the entry garden.  Dsc_0276I have not seen this flowering vine but I believe it is a type of morning glory as the leaves are the same.  I couldn't find a tag although most plants are labeled.
The systematic garden is located behind the orangerie.  Here plants are grouped according to their plant family. The paths in the garden are wide and easily traversed and there is so much to see one needs a plan to really appreciate the garden. Dsc_0026 Here is another view of the central structure.  The small lime green border plant is a boxwood.Dsc_0029 A view from the side looks through to the urn with a well placed brugmansia in the center of the structure.  The placement of urns and statuary creates a different view from many directions.  Dsc_0036 I can't resist showing this daylily named 'Blueberry Breakfast'.  It surely looks good enough to eat!
Here are a couple more views of the walkways and the planting beds in the systematic garden.



And one more daylily cluster for you daylily afficionados!Dsc_0023

Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of their very unique vegetable garden. It is time to re-design in the mind for next year!