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Searing Sojourns!

High 96 F
Low  61.9 F


Today was a day to be traveling in an air conditioned car or working in an air conditioned building.  Not so for the garden center workers.  They must endure the heat and spend most of the day watering.  Plants respond to heat stress by drooping and people pretty  much do the same.  In my travels today, I stopped at Woodbridge Greenhouses.  The name is derived from the dense glacial til which is called woodbridge soil.  This soil was deposited on smooth top slopes or upper side slopes when the glaciers receded.  Woodbridge Greenhouse is indeed on a hill not far from the highest point in Rhode Island which boasts just over 900 feet.  Not too impressive is it?  But keep in mind that this is the Ocean State and height is always relative.   The owner and grower is a friend, customer and great grower!  There is always something interesting to see at this small and delightful garden center.   Dsc_0011   It has a small office located in an old house which is painted butter yellow with lime green steps.  The window boxes are adorned in my favorite shades of burgundy and lime green.Dsc_0014 The nursery yard is well appointed with shrubs and filled pots.Dsc_0012   Why is there no picture of the nursery yard?  It was hot and I guess I missed that shot.  At the corner of one of the greenhouses is this inviting waterDsc_0013_2 feature with this great nepeta in the background.  There is a display garden enclosed with a picket fence.  Dsc_0015 It has some very intriguing stepping stones which were made by a local artist.  There are three different ones.  One with horses, Dsc_0016 one with fish Dsc_0020 and one with dragonflies. Dsc_0019 Very interesting!   Did I leave without purchasing?  Not this time.  Here is the booty!Dsc_0022   The  weekend clean out of the borders resulted in some obvious bare spots and we can't have that can we?  I bought this grass, Chasmanthum, Northern Sea Oats,  Heuchera 'Lime Rickey' , and this Weigela, 'My Monet'.   Have any of you grown any of these?  What do you think of them?