The blues of spring!

High 83 F
Low33 F

Another beautiful but very warm day.  It is hard enough on the plants but we humans are not quite acclimated to this temperature change either!  After record rain the weekend previous to this one, I am now hearing that fire danger is high!  Well,  enough of that and on to more interesting items.  The blues are out!  This is the first spring that I can remember  that the Glory of the Snow, Chionodoxa forbesii, have not bloomed on Patriot's Day!  Here is a picture of these little beauties!  It is a true blue which should be planted  en masse in the fall when the bulbs are available.   Lovely , don't you think?  Dsc_0010

One of my favorite blue flowers in the spring is the Siberian squill, Scilla siberica.  It is a bulb and should be planted in the fall in large groups which will give a good show.  I have this under a crabapple tree with Blue plumbago planted in the same bed.  The blue plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, is a great companion plant as it does not emerge until the scilla  are  done blooming.  One interesting note on this scilla is that it does readily reseed.  I have a path of it across the lawn to the woodland border just where I rake the bed out.  It is sparse but discernible.  The blue plumbago blooms in late August and is also a good, true blue.  The only blues necessary in the spring are a few of these lovely bulbs!Dsc_0002