Roll out the barrel!
The blues of spring!


High 78F
Low 32.6

It has happened once again!   Cold, rain, cold and then temps in the  70's and 80's and not enough time to get all the gardens cleaned up!  I know I should get the debris out of the garden in  the fall but many of the oak trees do not let go of all their leaves until spring and the fallen leaves do provide a bit of protection from early frosts.  I enlisted help from the 'Equipment manager' who did a major portion of the raking while I was attending to those previously mentioned barrels.  Since this blog is entitled 'Ledge and Gardens', I thought you should all see some of the ledge. Fl_ledge

Split_ledge It can be a challenge but, as I learned long ago, Don't fight the site! These were taken before the raking! Here is one after the raking.Dsc_0013

Dsc_0012 Not too much to see in the way of plants but there is one shrub blooming, the Cornell Pink Rhododendron.  This is a Rhododendron mucronulatum  'Cornell Pink' pictured in bud and bloom here.  It is a deciduous shrub which grows to about 8'.  It is a very lovely, true pink and looks beautiful in the woodland border.  It is hardy from Zone 4 through 7 .  Dsc_0009 Dsc_0006